BP Relocation


The Palawan Bank has formalized arrangements with Western Union, the world’s largest remittance organization. Filipinos abroad can now remit directly to any of our branches in Palawan and Cebu for immediate pickup by their relatives. The Palawan Bank has the largest banking network in Palawan and allows Western Union customers to now reach remote areas of the province. This is a major milestone for The Palawan Bank and a boost to its customers.

Welcome to New Website

Welcome to the new website of The Palawan Development Bank.

We have decided to use the blog format to make it easier for us to update information and better serve customer needs. The blog format allows us to put in and categorize more news and additional information. It also expedites input from more staff directly into the site. Moreover, the format is simple and can readily be read by any computer or PDA, regardless of connection speed. We hope you will appreciate it.

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